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Jewels by Jools

Meet the Maker - Julia Keeble

Jewls by jools.jpg

What do you do?

Jewels by Jools was created as a way to express my whimsical and quirky imaginative nature. I works with a variety of mediums and stones to create unique and one of a kind pieces. You can be sure that no one else is wearing your piece. I have recently started to make my own glass beads and often deconstruct vintage and antique jewellery to create new pieces.

How did you get started?

As a way to relax after work. I have been fortunate enough to do this for the past 7 years.

Is this your full time job?

No slightly over part-time.

Where do you create?

In my studio at home in Durham

Tea or coffee?

Coffee with a dash of whiskey and a dollop of cream.

Where is your favourite local place?

My home.

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