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M M Hudson

Meet the Maker - Miles Hudson


What do you do?

I’m a writer of adult fiction. Especially my Penfold Mysteries series of detective stories set in Durham: "The Cricketer’s Corpse" and "The Kidney Killer".

There’s also a dystopian future surveillance society series: 2089 and The Mind’s Eye.

And then there’s a series of educational resources for kids called Postcards From Space

How did you get started?

Originally a physics teacher, I moved into writing school textbooks and training teachers. These are still my main activities but I’m slowly shifting the balance over to fiction writing which is what I really love.

Is this your full time job?

Writing is my full time work, but it has many, many strands!

Where do you create?

A lot of the ‘work’ is done at home. But I’m a bit traveller, so a lot of the creative stuff is done on the road on my laptop, backpacking all over the world. For example, The Mind’s Eye was written over three months in the summer of 2019, as I travelled right across Canada from east coast to west coast.

Tea or coffee?


Where is your favourite local place?

Palace Green in Durham City.

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