This soft and beautifully designed apron has been made using 100% cotton. It is a stylish edition to any kitchen, a useful and aesthetic gift and it is guaranteed to make you smile! This apron features printed straps, complimenting the design.


Apron - Sundown Flamingo

  • I have always been inspired by sunset tones and the way trees and plants form moody shadows that cast across the floor. Whilst spending so much time at home throughout Spring 2020 during the COVID 19 global pandemic - this simple pleasure became something I appreciated more than ever. Sundown is a time to me, in which everything appears so calm, there is little sound and little movement. I wanted to contrast this simple concept with one of my favourite birds, the Flamingo. Not only does the flamingo visually represent the vibrant clashes of orange, pink and red of a sunset but it is also an extremely social bird. I felt Illustrating this beautiful bird alone expresses the isolation felt in this time, but also the calmness and appreciation of the natural beauty around us.