An oversized eye mask to help you block out the world and relax. Can be used any time, in the bath or at the end of yoga practice.

The masks are filled with rice so they are a nice weight on the face. They can be gently heated in the microwave or chilled in the fridge or freezer.

Each mask comes pre-fragranced with a relaxing blend of lavender, bergamot and frankincense essential oils. There is a small (5ml) bottle of the blend too to top up the aroma.

Each mask has a machine washable outer cover and the inner pouch containing the rice and essential oil mix.

Always check the temperature of the mask after heating or cooling before placing it over the eyes.
Always watch when heating the mask in the microwave.

Choose from purple, grey or turquoise fabric, gold, black or silver text and a choice of four different vinyl decals.

Decorated aromatherapy eye mask