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Castle Keepsakes

Meet the Maker - Diane Ramsay

diane ramsay.jpg

What do you do?

I design and make word art pictures, cards and fridge magnets. I produce everything ‘in house’ from the initial design to the printing and packaging. Many of my designs are inspired by our gorgeous local area. I also have a huge range of ‘dog breed’ designs which are really popular.

How did you get started?

I had to have a change of career for personal reasons and I needed to do something that allowed me to work from home. I’d always had a love for ‘wordy’ things and I had made a couple of designs for family and friends so it all started from there.

Is this your full time job?


Where do you create?

I’m lucky enough to have an office at home, which means I am surrounded by the beautiful landscapes that inspire me and can also be kept company by my lovely dog Luna.

Tea or coffee?

Coffee, although I’m partial to a Peppermint tea.

Where is your favourite local place?

It’s got to be the moors near to where I on the edge of Weardale , after over 50 years of living in Newcastle it’s still a surprise to wake up in this gorgeous area every day.

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