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Number 9 Aromatherapy & Crafty Coati

Meet the Maker - Gemma Nixon

What do you do?

I’m an aromatherapist and I make handmade essential oil blends and aromatherapy gifts. My products include inhalers and rollerballs that help you use essential oils on the go and relaxing eye pillows and pillow sprays to help you unwind and sleep.

I also make other hand stamped and vinyl products under Crafty Coati. These are designed to be practical and motivational building on my work as a life coach. My hidden inspiration bracelets are ideal for a boost of motivation or a subtle reminder of your favourite phrase or word of the year. The trainer tags are a great way to add extra motivation on that run or challenging walk.

How did you get started?

Gemma .jpg

I trained as an aromatherapist after experiencing anxiety and stress and finding that aromatherapy really helped me. I had always used essential oils in the home and to treat minor issues but training as an aromatherapist really expanded my understanding of what oils could help with. I decided to create a range of products that would make it easy for people to use oils without worrying about dilution.

Is this your full time job?

Yes, I have a bit of a blended job. I work full time as an aromatherapist, life coach, crafter and I help my husband in our family business, Spicymonkey. I also work alongside Mark and Anna running the shop and helping Creative Spaces Durham grow! 

Luckily I love to be busy and time management, motivation and productivity are my favourite issues to help people with in my coaching!

Where do you create?

I make my products at home, in Newton Hall, just outside of Durham City Centre. I should work at the dining table at home but I tend to drag all my stuff out and balance it around me on the sofa and then get frustrated I haven’t got enough space! 

I would love to have my own space but the house already has two boys, a husband, a curry business and a lizard so there’s not too much space leftover for me. I am working on a shed for the garden so that could be an option...

Tea or coffee?

Tea all the way! It has to be decaf and my favourite is Decaf Earl Grey or Peppermint.

Where is your favourite local place?

It’s so hard to choose! I love the top end of Weardale, looking at the rocks around Stanhope. I also love a walk around the river banks in Durham.

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