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Meet the Maker - Anna Casson

Anna Casson.jpg

What do you do?

Threadymades creates thoughtfully handcrafted items as keepsakes or gifts, often to mark special occasions and events.  Each of my items are made with love and are unique in their design. They create everlasting memories for each recipient.

I am inspired by places, patterns, colour and art. I adore fabrics, buttons, flowers, vintage jewellery and all things that embellish! I love attending markets, festivals and finding beautiful vintage pieces in charity and thrift shops.

My mind is always whirling with new ideas for designs and products, therefore I like to inject my range of products with new designs. 

I sell my work on Etsy and Instagram as well as in Elvet & Bailey. Examples of items my product range include: Matchbox Flowers for Occasions, Decorative Embroidery Wall Hoops, Photographic Hoops, Greeting Cards, Prints and decorative scrolls.

How did you get started?

Threadymades was established in 2015.  Designing,  creating and making has been a lifelong love affair. I have a degree in Printed Textile Design from Nottingham Trent University which I thoroughly enjoyed and would love to do all over again. I have a range of printing processes and artistic techniques up my sleeve which I love experimenting with. I am also a former Art and Design teacher, teaching for 10 years I was inspired by many artists, designers and craftspeople who continue to inform my work. I left the profession in 2015 and that's when I began to sell my work at markets, events and online.

Is this your full time job?

Alongside running Threadymades, I also work part-time helping young people access career opportunities.

Where do you create?

I create my work in my home studio in the village of Waldridge in Durham. My studio is in my attic and is full of mood boards, materials, buttons, ribbons, typewriters, stamps, papers and weapons of mass creation. I quite often leave the studio covered in threads! Hence the name.  I love nothing more than spending the day crafting away with the sunshine beaming through my loft windows, cup of tea in hand, biscuits at the ready, accompanied by a podcast.

Tea or coffee?

Tea! with oat milk.

Where is your favourite local place?

I love visiting Beamish Museum. It’s very close to where I live. I enjoy visiting often to get fresh air, soak up the nostalgia, be inspired and of course get fish and chips and visit the sweet shop!

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