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Tiny Acorn

Meet the Makers - Anna & Mark


What do you do?

 We aim to create unique, bespoke gifts that inspire joy and last a lifetime. Our gifts are predominantly made from wood, as we do a lot of our work on a laser cutter, which allows us to personalise the majority of our products. However we do like to experiment with other materials such as slate and acrylic. We love to design gifts that appeal to locals and tourists alike, but we also love a commission! There’s nothing better than working with a customer to design and create their perfect gift. So if you ever have a specific idea in mind, then give us a shout!

How did you get started?

 Mark started this business over 4 years ago. It started with him working out of his garage creating gifts for family and friends and it then expanded further and further beyond anything he could have ever imagined. When Covid-19 meant that Anna lost her job, it was the perfect time for us to come together and join forces! So we now run Tiny Acorn together as a pair, using each others strengths and creative ideas to create an even bigger range of products!

Is this your full time job?

 Tiny Acorn is half of our full time job, as the other half is running Elvet & Bailey!

Where do you create?

 We are lucky to have been able to recently acquire a workshop space within Prince Bishops Shopping Centre, which allows one of us to be making products while the other mans the shop! We also still do some work in Mark’s garage! 

Tea or coffee?

Coffee!! Although Mark does enjoy a cup of tea if biscuits are on offer too! 

Where is your favourite local place?

There are lots of beautiful areas around County Durham, and we love walks in the countryside, along the river or by the sea. However Durham Cathedral is absolutely stunning! Plus it's actually where we had our first date, so that's high up on our list too!

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