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Lynsey Nicholson Art

Meet the Maker - Lynsey Nicholson


What do you do?

I am a Durham based artist creating a range of dramatic abstract paintings inspired by my beautiful local area, the daily movement of life and the feelings and emotions that are provoked by them.

The multi-layered, textured works are developed with a range of textural adhesive, inks, acrylic and oil paint, spray paint and metallic leaf.

How did you get started?

I have always had a passion for art from a very early age. After completing a BA (hons) Visual Communications at Leeds College of Art and Design I trained as an Art, Ceramics and Photography teacher which I have been working as for 12 years. 

4 years ago I felt I needed to push myself as an Artist. Exploring Durham City and the local countryside with my family, I took inspiration home and found ideas for many paintings.

4 years on I have slowly began to promote my work via Instagram and Facebook and sell work.

Is this your full time job?

Sadly this is not my full time job! I am a secondary school Art, Ceramics and Photography Teacher in East Durham.

Where do you create?

I currently create my work in my garage at home in Durham city but will be moving into a new house soon with my own painting room that overlooks the river.

Tea or coffee?

Coffee on a morning and tea in the afternoon. And I’ve just discovered ice tea!

Where is your favourite local place?

I love the beautiful winding streets and cobbles of the city centre which are a big inspiration to many of my paintings. I Also love to visit Hill End and High force for walks with my husband John, son Milo and Labradoodle Sullivan.

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