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A set of 3 wool dryer balls in a cotton storage bag with essential oils.

Three large 100% wool dryer balls in a cotton storage bag. Choose from five aromatherapy blends to scent your laundry. Just add three- five drops of the oil blend to each dryer ball and add to your tumble dryer. Each ball weighs roughly 40g and are roughly 23cm in diameter.

Dryer balls speed up drying times, reduce static and wrinkles and soften clothes. They remove the need for fabric softener or dryer sheets and fragrance clothes without using chemicals.

Choose from:
- Lavender and Lemon
- Peppermint and Orange
- Tea Tree and Lemon
- Lavender and Chamomile
- Bergamot and Grapefruit

Between uses the balls can be stored in the cotton storage pouch. Additional oils can be purchased from my shop.

Wool tumble dryer balls