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This superb hand-drawn map shows Britannia at the time of the Anglo-Saxons, between c. 600AD with the emergence of the ‘Heptarchy’, and 800AD when Viking raids became Viking invasions, changing the geopolitical landscape. The map shows the major cities and towns of the time, and includes the arms of the seven kingdoms of the Heptarchy: East Anglia, Essex, Kent, Mercia, Northumbria, Sussex, and Wessex.

The Romans called the lands of what is now England and Wales ‘Britannia’, separate from ‘Caledonia’, their name for what is now Scotland. After the fall of the Roman Empire, migrations of Germanic peoples in the fifth and sixth centuries into Britannia eventually became established kingdoms through peace and war. Native Britons were either incorporated into the new Anglo-Saxon culture, or pushed into the peripheries of Wales, Cornwall, Cumbria, and the Scottish lowlands. Many of these smaller kingdoms nevertheless endured, and are also shown on this map.

Here for sale are fine art prints of my Anglo-Saxon Map. The original was drawn by hand in 2020. I began with a detailed pencil sketch, then used dip-pens with various calligraphy and drawing nibs.


Available as a rolled print for £40 or mounted at £50

This map makes a fabulous gift for anyone interested in medieval or early British history, Vikings, or Anglo-Saxons.


❖ First edition fine art print.
❖ Prints are signed by me, dated, and numbered out of a print run of 200.
❖ Printed on high-quality 250gsm light cream card (FSC carbon neutral | archival | acid free).
❖ The paper has an antique 'laid' texture - perfect for maps!

❖ Prints will come rolled-up in clear plastic, and shipped in a sturdy cardboard tube.

Anglo Saxon Map