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Set of 12 unique, colourful hand drawn CVC word and story stones. CVC words are 3 letter words that follow a consonant, vowel, consonant pattern and are easy for a beginning reader to sound out.
They can use these letters to build confidence reading and writing a range of words. Adults can spell out words using the letters for children to read and match to the picture stones, as seen in some of the above pictures and when they are confident they are able to write sentences using the picture stones for cues.
The stones represent words that follow simple phonics rules which children use when learning to read, they are suitable for developing vocabulary in pre-readers. They really are a great literacy resource that has unlimited potential.
As well as a great tool to start using CVC words they can also be used as story stones which encourage tactile learning, promoting language skills and encouraging imagination and creativity and building vocabulary.
The stones can been used in pre school, early years in a classroom or playroom setting.
Each set of stones is unique and made to order so the finished product might vary slightly from the pictures as each set is handmade and are one of a kind.
UKCA and CE Tested.
Each stone is covered in toy safe, non toxic varnish making them easy to wipe clean.

CVC Word Story Stones